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Senior Probation Officer, NPS - HMP Rochester(Ref: 25261)

This is an opportunity to represent the NPS in a high profile role at HMP Maidstone. As well as managing NPS staff in the establishment, the successful candidate will play a key leadership role in the multi-disciplinary OMU and work closely with the Senior Mangement Team. The role presents an excellent development opportunity for existing managers and an exciting challenge for those seeking promotion.

Maidstone prison is situated on the northern edge of the County Town of Kent. It was completed in 1819 and was constructed from local Kentish rag stone quarried from the site, to a design by architect Daniel Asher Alexander, and was the most advanced model of its time.

HMP Maidstone is a dedicated Foreign National prison. Its role is to provide a Safe, Decent and Secure environment and to work in partnership with Home Office Immigration Enforcement to support and facilitate the removal of those prisoners who have no right to remain in the UK.

HMP Maidstone works to protect the public and help reduce reoffending, by supporting rehabilitation, offering positive opportunities to obtain universal job ready skills, maintaining family ties and resettlement of Foreign National Offenders back into their community.

The successful candidate will work to the Senior Probation Officer job description, as attached.

Overview of the job

This is a management role within the National Probation Service (NPS).

The Senior Probation Officer supports the Head of Operational Function to provide management and a leading role within a Local Delivery Unit (LDU) or other operational unit.


The job holder will be expected to manage and lead staff within the operational area to the required standard, and will offer support and cover to other teams/functions during periods of absence.

In line with NPS policies and procedures, the job holder must at all times demonstrate a commitment to equality and inclusion and an understanding of their relevance to the work they do.

The post holder must adhere to all policies in respect of the sensitive/confidential nature of the information handled whilst working in this position.

If relevant to the role, some out of hours working may be required

Responsibilities, Activities & Duties

Senior Probation Officers may be required to undertake any combination, or all, of the duties and responsibilities set out below.

To provide effective management and leadership to the team
To be accountable for the quality delivery of good practice and team performance improvement within policy and national standards
To ensure that all team resources, including interventions, are deployed cost effectively and provide best value in terms of both budget control and realising the organisation’s strategic aims
To ensure that staff can efficiently and effectively meet the requirements of the NPS’ contract with NOMS, Community Rehabilitation Companies (CRC) and local business plans as required
To access, interpret, analyse and apply performance data pro-actively in order to maximise LDU/team performance, evaluate practice and deliver organisational aims
To proactively manage staff development, issues of underperformance, attendance, health and safety, employee relations and diversity matters. Adopt a consistent, fair and objective standpoint when making decisions in relation to individual staff issues
To ensure that offender managers manage risk appropriately, and meet all public protection standards and targets
To contribute directly to public protection through multi-agency arrangements and individual casework review, discussion and feedback
To promote a culture of innovation and continuous improvement to service delivery
To manage financial resources for your area of responsibility as required by your Head of Operational Function and in line with NOMS financial regulations and policies. To authorise expenditure within financial limits
In accordance with the business plan, to provide a leading role and direction in work with partners and key stakeholders, and represent the NPS as appropriate to the role
To facilitate effective communication between the LDU/Operational Unit management team and internal and external partners
To play an active part in the corporate management of the NPS as necessary, as a member of the LDU/Operational Unit Management Team
To undertake specific areas of responsibility as delegated by the Head of Operational Function.
Demonstrate pro-social modelling skills by consistently reinforcing prosocial behaviour and attitudes and challenging anti-social behaviour and attitudes
Carry out safeguarding children duties in accordance with the NPS statutory responsibilities and agency policies
To work within the aims and values of NPS and NOMS

The duties/responsibilities listed above describe the post as it is at present and is not intended to be exhaustive. The Job holder is expected to accept reasonable alterations and additional tasks of a similar level that may be necessary. Significant adjustments may require re-examination under Job Evaluation and shall be discussed in the first instance with the Job Holder.