Ref: 1627418

Original Listing

Company: 1627418

Salary: 29,040 - 33,396

Closing Date: Closing date: 12 Apr 2019

Location: JSaRC HQ, The Visual Space, Capital Business Park, Fulbourn, Cambridge, CB21 5XH

Performance Management

We are looking for a capable individual with a background and experience in the day to day running of our HQ in Cambridge and deliver our business performance reporting requirements.

This is an opportunity to be central to the day to day operational running of this unique, diverse team, managing and maintaining our HQ to ensure the facility provides the environment we need to effectively and actively engage with the private sector, and, monitoring and reporting our performance against high profile objectives that contribute to solutions for national security challenges.

You will have excellent organisational skills, be flexible, enthusiastic, able to work under your own initiative, have an ability to effectively manage a range of competing priorities and the confidence to engage with a diverse team, stakeholders from the UK private security sector, OSCT and the wider Home Office.

The role offers excellent developmental opportunities in a varied and expanding environment, and provide unique access to, and knowledge about, the national security landscape across both the private and public sector. Any particular interests and development needs should be easily accommodated.

Key Functions

• Performance management and reporting
Responsibility for the design, management and reporting of JSaRC’s performance against its objectives. Developing Key Performance and Success Indicators (KPI/KSI), ensuring we direct resources to better achieve our objectives and utilizing performance management tools to demonstrate our impact, added value and influence on industry growth, success and exports and providing cost benefit analysis of JSaRC operations and functions.

Coordinating and managing the drafting and delivery of JSaRC’s business plan, annual report and any associated reports and briefing.
Managing and contributing to central planning exercises that influence and/or impact on JSaRC Objectives and those of the wider OSCT and HO.

• Facilities/Asset Management
Managing and maintaining our relationship with our landlord, and their Estates Management team to ensure the continued smooth operation of our Cambridge HQ. Ensuring all day to day operational requirements are maintained - IT, Collaboration Equipment, printing, IT server, access control etc.

• Commercial Support
Working in partnership with HO Commercial to ensure we monitor and manage our commercial responsibilities in relation to our HQ including, but not limited to, HQ lease, confidential waste

Organisational Functions

• Event Management support
Supporting all of JSaRC’s event management requirements, attending all required events to contribute to JSaRC’s wider sector engagement.

• Policy
Contributing as required to internal and external policy requirement that support JSaRC’s purpose, functions, governance, and objectives.

• Support JSaRC Strategy Lead on Security Exports supporting relevant exports activity between HMG and the private sector through DIT DSO.

• UK private security sector engagement.
Contribute as required to JSaRC’s wider external engagement with the security sector, including participation in external boards and meetings, supporting colleagues in the joint response team on delivery projects and contributing as required for sector events and exhibitions.

Wider JSaRC Support

• Contributing to the preparation and drafting of briefing, presentations and speeches that may be required from within JSaRC to support meetings, events and engagements with and between security sector representatives, Ministers, Perm Sec, OSCT DG and Directors.
• Assisting in the day to day managing of JSaRC’s Innovative Collaborative Environment (ICE).

• Provide overarching advice and local guidance for our use of the central Metis and i-Manage systems.


The Office for Security and Counter Terrorism (OSCT) in the Home Office is responsible for developing and coordinating HMG’s approach on a wide range of security issues, supporting the Home Secretary and other Ministers in the development and implementation of the UK’s strategies for preventing terrorism and reducing the risk from organised crime.

The roles within OSCT are fast paced and high profile and impact daily on the safety and security of the UK. The experience, expertise and relationships across the Department, Whitehall, the Police and the Security and Intelligence Agencies enable the department to provide high quality analysis and advice to Ministers and senior officials who have significant interest in our work.

The Joint Security and Resilience Centre (JSaRC) plays an important in the OSCT’s approach with industry and academia where HMG and the security sector work in partnership to respond to both urgent and long-term threats to UK national security and seize opportunities to support the growth of the security sector. JSaRC is the primary route for the security sector to access the complex security machinery of Government, and Government’s primary means of coordinating sector support, refining requirements, understanding the sector offer and sharing strategic priorities.

JSaRC is jointly funded by the wider security sector and HMG and will be staffed by both government officials and security sector secondees operating in combined teams.

JSARC has three primary functions:

1. Deliver a joint response to the UK’s national security challenges - including by: identifying requirements; assessing capability offerings; linking suppliers with end users, and providing technical and operational advice on how capabilities could be deployed or integrated.
2. Drive the delivery of the right solutions - including by: improving the security sector’s understanding of threats; enhancing operational delivery through realistic operational environments, and integration with other sectors.
3. Ensure we have the security sector we need - including by: facilitating collaboration between companies to meet larger scale opportunities, and identifying and exploiting domestic and international opportunities.