Ref: 1625814

Original Listing

Company: 1625814

Salary: £40,690 - £48,831

Closing Date: Closing date: 1 Apr 2019

Location: HM Prison Cookham Wood

Senior Counselling Psychologists: Youth Custody Service (Ref: 24854)

To build upon the successful Youth Custody Service (YCS) Counselling Psychology Service, HMPPS Psychology Services are currently recruiting 2 x Band 8 Senior Counselling Psychologists for public sector Under 18 Youth Custody Sites: HMYOI Wetherby & Cookham Wood/Medway Secure Training Centre. Successful applicants will work with mainly young men aged 15 to 18 years in custody although some opportunities for working with younger children and adults may arise. In addition to holding a caseload, successful applicants will also be responsible for establishing agreements with Universities and co-ordinating, managing and supervising Trainee Counselling Psychologist placements at their respective site. Applicants must have HCPC Registration as a Counselling Psychologist and be Chartered with the BPS with eligibility as a supervisor. Experience of working with adolescents involved in offending is desirable. Once in post, successful applicants will develop a professional service and network across YCS but also be integrated into the wider HMPPS Psychology Service.

Overview of the job

This is non-operational prisoner facing job


The job holders covered by this job description are usually categorised as specialists in their field or those whose role requires significant additional experience, training and personal development.

The job holder will largely excel in the area of individual prisoner risk assessment or be a specialist in a specific area such as working with sex offenders. At this level the jobholder may have responsibility for the key specialist tasks involved in the delivery of a programme or related individual case management which would also entail overseeing the quality of delivery and supervision. They will also provide direction and support for other supervisors. This is a non-operational and non rotational job.

The job holder will be working with complex prisoners and prison staff and applying their experience and competence in the area of psychology to reduce the risk of harm and re-offending by undertaking complex risk assessment of prisoners, conducting research, providing consultancy and delivering training for staff and interventions (individual and group) for prisoners.

Responsibilities,Activities and Duties

The job holder will be require to carry out the following responsibilities, activities and duties:

Reviews cases and reconsiders the professional advice given by other psychologists on the potential release of serious prisoners
Conducts full case reviews on difficult cases and offers authoritative advice on next steps relating to sentence plan
Specialises in delivery of psychology services in settings such as therapeutic community wings
Lead and supervise and facilitate group sessions
Offers professional opinion to multi functional teams conducting offender reports e.g. risk reports, parole reports on high risk or vulnerable prisoners
Develops and/or strategies such as sex offender or indeterminate sentence prisoner assessment and intervention strategy
Delivers and supervises (treatment management) the delivery of more complex programmes e.g. healthy sexual functioning
Provides consultancy support to colleagues such as an establishment Senior Management Team (SMT) in relation to psychology services and outcomes
Conducts relevant research including data gathering and analysis
Act as a ‚Äúprofessional witness‚ÄĚ in parole board hearings, multi-agency meetings, and other formal settings where psychology input is required. May also act as expert witness in respect of court proceedings for Ministry of Justice
Responsible for managing and providing professional supervision to trainee forensic psychology staff
Provides supervision, training, mentoring and support to trainee psychologists and where relevant other staff such as interventions staff
Assist in national specialist tasks such as training on courses related to their specialist discipline
Provides professional supervision to support a trainee in developing through the key steps towards chartered and registered status. This may be as a coordinating or designated supervisor
Ensures staff are developed in accordance with key competencies and gateways and ensuring consistency across the team in the application of policies and procedures affecting staff and offenders
Leads on risk assessment and resulting risk management of complex, vulnerable or high risk prisoners. Will be competent to undertake the full range of risk assessments including the more complex risk assessments. Gives feedback of the assessment to the prisoner and other stakeholders
Contributes to other offender management processes (usually with more complex cases in work such as Assessment, Care in Custody and Teamwork (ACCT) assessments and self harm or personality disorder assessments)
Provides consultancy role to wider team on their specialist activity. Visit a range of sites to advise on complex cases
Act as a negotiation adviser where suitable and competence has been demonstrated
Manage own Continued Professional Development (CPD) requirements and maintains professional standards
Ensure they maintain their professional Health Professions Council (HPC) registration
Provide a psychological contribution to the work of areas of the regime such as a therapeutic community
Provide psychological reports when requested for life sentence prisoners and to submit within the appropriate time framework
Responsible for relevant accreditation audit baselines as detailed in the audit document
Line management of trainee psychologists

The duties/responsibilities listed above describe the post as it is at present and is not intended to be exhaustive. The Job holder is expected to accept reasonable alterations and additional tasks of a similar level that may be necessary. Significant adjustments may require re-examination under the Job Evaluation scheme and shall be discussed in the first instance with the Job Holder