Ref: 1626046

Original Listing

Company: 1626046

Salary: Ł29,055 (National), Ł31,963 (London)

Closing Date: Closing date: 2 Apr 2019

Location: Leeds, Yorkshire and the Humber : Newcastle-upon-Tyne, North East, Newcastle upon Tyne

HEO Appraiser/Contract Manager (up to 2 roles available)

The Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government’s (MHCLG) purpose is to create great places to live and work, and give more power to local people to shape what happens in their area.

MHCLG’s European Programmes & Local Growth Delivery Directorate is responsible for delivery of European Programmes designed to support economic growth at a local level by making funding available to local organisations. It delivers its work through a network of Growth Delivery Teams.

The North East , Yorkshire and the Humber Growth Delivery Team plays a key role in driving local growth, working closely Local Enterprise Partnerships and developing local economies. The Growth Delivery Team ensures close engagement with strategic partners locally and across Government to deliver secure investments from Government and European funding.

As a pro-active, self starter with a range of skills you will work within a programme management team ensuring the projects we fund are delivered in compliance with contracts, ensuring all relevant regulations are met and projects deliver the spend and outputs required. You may be involved in a variety of activity at all stages of the funding process, assessing project applications, monitoring performance, processing project grant claims and undertaking monitoring visits. You will have the opportunity to work with a wide variety of local organisations delivering exciting projects.

Key responsibilities

• Undertake assurance checks against claims as required by the EC. Address any issues that may result in irregularities and overpayments. Provide assurance to senior managers that claims for payment are correct before processing them accurately and to timescales;

• Ensure the projects funded from our programmes are delivered compliantly through robust contract management and undertaking compliance checks;

• Monitor project progress and performance to ensure that projects deliver on their agreed range of financial and non-financial targets; working with projects to improve performance where needed, taking corrective action on underperformance and agreeing recovery plans;

• Analyse applications, business plans and funding models against the agreed selection criteria as set out by the National Growth Programme Board and the EC regulations and provide recommendations to either reject or approve projects to senior managers and local groups;

• Supporting the orderly closure of projects – undertake closure visits to ensure final claims and payments have been made correctly and any irregularities have been resolved. Perform final assurance checks, ensure all paperwork is retained as required by the EC and provide assurance to the heads of team that projects have been correctly closed;

• Establish and maintain effective working relationships with projects, based on mutual trust and support; maintain frequent communications with stakeholders, including communicating difficult or unpopular decisions on investment choices or recovery of grant;

• Ensuring that information is recorded accurately and on time using the standard management information systems;

• Act as secretariat to the local European Strategic Investment Funds Sub Committees, commission papers as required, quality assuring the papers before issue, lead on the logistics of the meeting and support the committee Chair and Vice-Chair.

Post holders may focus on one or more of the above functions, dependent on business need and the skills and knowledge of the post holder.

This role may involve travel to various locations in the North East, Yorkshire and the Humber region to undertake project visits. To be appointed applicants must be able to demonstrate that they can meet the transport requirements of the role.

Key relationships

• Within MHCLG, other parts of the European Programmes Directorate and the Audit Authority.

• Externally with a range of project managers from public and private sector organisations.

• External stakeholders including Local Enterprise Partnerships, Local Authorities and other local partners.

Key skills/criteria

Behaviour 1: Managing a Quality Service (Lead Behaviour)

Develop, implement, maintain and review systems and services to ensure delivery of professional excellence. Work with stakeholders to set priorities, objectives and timescales. Successfully deliver high quality outcomes that meet the customers’ needs and gives value for money. Identify risks and resolve issues efficiently. Involve a diverse range of colleagues, stakeholders and delivery partners in developing suggestions for improvements. Establish ways to find and respond to feedback from customers about the services provided.

Behaviour 2: Changing and Improving

Work with others to identify areas for improvement and simplify processes to use fewer resources. Use technology where possible to increase efficiency. Encourage ideas for change from a wide range of sources. Clearly explain the reasons for change to colleagues and how to implement them, supporting individuals with different needs to adapt to change. Encourage an environment where colleagues know that they can challenge decisions and issues safely. Take managed risks by fully considering the varied impacts changes could have on the diverse range of end users.

Behaviour 3: Making Effective Decisions

Understand own level of responsibility and empower others to make decisions where appropriate. Analyse and use a range of relevant, credible information from internal and external sources to support decisions. Invite challenge and where appropriate involve others in decision making. Display confidence when making difficult decisions, even if they prove to be unpopular. Consult with others to ensure the potential impacts on end users have been considered. Present strong recommendations in a timely manner outlining the consideration of other options, costs, benefits and risks.

Behaviour 4: Delivering at Pace

Show a positive approach to keeping the whole team’s efforts focused on the top priorities. Promote a culture of following the appropriate procedures to ensure results are achieved on time whilst still enabling innovation. Ensure the most appropriate resources are available for colleagues to use to do their job effectively. Regularly monitor your own and team’s work against milestones ensuring individual needs are considered when setting tasks. Act promptly to reassess workloads and priorities when there are conflicting demands to maintain performance. Allow individuals the space and authority to meet objectives, providing additional support where necessary, whilst keeping overall responsibility.


• Knowledge/experience in the management/administration of European or other funds

• Experience of working in a compliance/control environment